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Bond & Equity Closing Prices through a single source

EDI offers a comprehensive equity and bond pricing service providing end-of-day pricing data from over 170 markets worldwide.

Since pricing data is produced around the clock and in large volume, EDI processes and provides each market closing prices file as soon as it becomes available.

Data elements include open, high, low, close, traded volume & value, number of transactions… Our Pricing data is linked to our Security Master Reference database facilitating stock identifications.

The Equity and Bond pricing data is delivered via FTP by country, region or on global basis. Data from a 10-day period is available to users at any given time through a file status browser web page.

In addition, for those who cannot wait for confirmed equity pricing data, EDI provides unconfirmed closing prices.

Our Worldwide End of Day Pricing service enables financial firms to swiftly obtain accurate pricing data allowing them to mark-to market their position and settle transactions on a timely basis. They also have to flexibility to cost-effectively feed this information into their websites and third-party solutions.

We offer a 24h support line Monday to Friday on all pricing enquiries.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our Closing Prices service.


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