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Worldwide Corporate Actions Data (WCA)

Make informed investment decisions based on timely and accurate worldwide corporate actions data.

Manage the risks and costs associated with the sheer volume of corporate actions data generated daily.

Get direct access to global corporate actions data and receive:

  • Comprehensive information on all corporate actions events affecting global equities from over 150 exchanges worldwide, as well as, data for 31,000+ US Mutual Funds
  • Detailed announcements on many event types including dividends, takeovers, and stock splits
So that you can efficiently keep track of corporate actions events that may affect your clients’ or your own decision-making.

Reduce operational risk

With a full subscription to our Worldwide Corporate Actions data service, you will be able to:

  • Customize data sets based on your specific geographical, instrument or event type requirements
  • Efficiently crosscheck data sets with the help of 4 Financial Instrument Global Identifiers

Have worldwide corporate actions data delivered to you simply

Choose to receive accurate corporate actions data via:

  • A web based application
  • An FTP connection either a 3x daily or end-of-day
    • Proprietary format
    • ISO 15022 message standard, providing MT564 & 568 announcements

Now via The Beast Apps

The Beast App’s BeastExcel technology allows a user to get the EDI provided Worldwide Corporate Action, Closing Prices and Reference Data for Equities data directly into Excel. EDI and The Beast Apps have built an Excel plugin that requires Microsoft Excel 2010 or later. It installs in a local user profile without needing any admin access.

Using the EDI BeastExcel plugin, a user connects to The Beast Apps cloud based system over the internet, using a secure connection, no network changes needed.

A user now can pull in any Worldwide Corporate Action, Closing Prices and Reference Data directly by selecting a date (or leave it blank for the latest file) and the data will appear in the Excel spreadsheet instantly. This removes inefficiencies associated with the manual process and repeating the task every time you need the file.

A user can get this data in any existing Excel file. Once saved, next time when the user opens the Excel file, the data gets refreshed automatically. This allows a user to effectively pull in, refresh and use the EDI provided Worldwide Corporate Action, Closing Prices and Reference Data, as and when needed, and however often needed, allowing for an easy integration in their current workflow, eliminating the need of an ftp download, copy, save, open and integrate based workflow.

For further information, please download the user guide for the BeastExcel Plugin.

Missing Data?

  • Fill gaps in your database with a one-off purchase of historical global corporate actions and dividend data, customised according to field and market level.

Want to know more?

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This is the list of events covered by the Worldwide Corporate Actions service.

MANDATORY EVENTs- When the shareholder has no option BUT to participate in the event:

  • Assimilation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bonus Issue / Capitalisation
  • Bonus Rights
  • Capital Reduction
  • Certificate of Exchange
  • Consolidation / Reverse Stock Split
  • Conversion Terms Change
  • Currency Redenomination
  • Distribution / Distribution in Specie
  • Dividend
  • Financial Year Change
  • Franking
  • Incorporation Change
  • International Code Change
  • Issuer Name Change
  • Liquidation
  • Listing Status Change
  • Local Code Change
  • Lot Change
  • Market Segment Change
  • Merger
  • New Listing
  • Par Value Redenomination
  • Return of Capital
  • Security Description Change
  • Security Re-classification
  • Security Swap
  • Sedol Change
  • Sub Division / Stock Split

VOLUNTARY EVENTs- When the shareholder has the option to participate

  • Announcement
  • Buyback / Repurchase Offer
  • Call
  • Company Meetings
  • Demerger / Spin Off
  • Divestment
  • Dividend Re-investment Plan
  • Entitlement Issue / Open Offer
  • Lawsuits /Class Actions
  • Odd Lot Offer
  • Preferential Offer
  • Purchase Offer
  • Redemption Terms
  • Rights
  • Takeover / Almagation


  • Arrangement
  • Conversion Terms


  • Announcement
  • Bankruptcy
  • Financial Year End Change
  • Incorporation Change
  • Issuer Name Change
  • Lawsuit/Class Action
  • Liquidation
  • Meeting
  • Registered Office Change

Download this Product sheet or the Service Overview.

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