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Class Action Claims - Asset Recovery

Every year settlements worth billions of dollars are reached in securities class action lawsuits. Recent surveys have revealed that less than 30 percent of institutional investors regularly file claim forms to participate in these settlements. For a large institutional investor, this could mean millions of dollars per year in unrecovered assets.

As a concerned investor, how can you ensure that you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities to claim monies legally owed to your fund?

EDI offers a comprehensive claims management service that is fully focused on the needs of financial institutions to help ensure that investors can confidently meet their fiduciary responsibilities knowing that their interests are being put first and foremost.

Our solution is a highly functional service. Its modular design and flexibility covers a comprehensive range of securities class actions processing requirements, from electronic and manual capture of event notifications to the processing of claims administration. All of this functionality is available in a business setting that is auditable, compliant, electronic and paperless thus reducing operational risk in the processing of securities class actions and the administration of settlement recoveries.

Our Class Actions offer represents a proven and functionally rich solution to provide institutional investors with a fully integrated and automated securities class action service that ensures their recovery in all settlements are maximised and in-house resources are minimised.

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