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      Designed for the financial services community and beyond, IOWArocks, the global marketplace delivers data, tech and services to everyone. Providing highly flexible engagement models means data consumers can now

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BondView – Municipal Bond Provider

Sharon Otieno

If You Know Bonds, You Know BondView. BondView was designed by long-time muni bond investors who needed something more: A simple but powerful way to create, monitor, and evaluate their muni bonds,

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Finalto Data


            Finalto is a market leader in global financial services. Formerly the Tradetech group, comprising a number of B2B businesses, including CFH, Alpha, and Tradetech 360, Finalto

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Financial Software Limited


FSL has been producing and implementing market-leading software since its foundation in 1994. Their product suite removes the complexity from investment tax management, analysis and reporting. It allows clients to focus on

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    Xignite is the leader in market data cloud solutions, delivering in 2006 the industry’s first financial Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution to deliver market data from the AWS public cloud. Xignite provides

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