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We now provide future events data and systems for distribution and display. This dataset enables users to transform future events into knowledge by making it accessible, customizable, searchable, and available for integration with client information.

We do this by collecting highly accurate future data from various companies and markets and tagging, storing and distributing this data through our innovative software solutions.

We quickly and easily deliver all the information about financial events occurring globally to your desktop. No longer do you have to spend time collecting event data from multiple different sources. From company results, company meetings and trade shows, Columba collects and aggregates vital information that market players depend upon to make accurate investment choices and then delivers it in a customisable and flexible format.

Future Events Data

Our experienced data analysts have international language skills and are globally located but with specific ‘local’ knowledge. They use distributed Data Collection Models and are supported by WebWatcher software providing automatic monitoring of websites for new announcements and updates. The data is verified against secondary sources, and a high degree of accuracy is guaranteed by central quality control.

EDI Data

EDI has a large team of analysts who specialise in collecting precise and comprehensive future financial events for over 8000 equities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, Latin America and North America.

Data Accuracy

We are confident that our data is the most accurate source for future financial event data available. Over the past few years, we have participated in many heads to head evaluations where our data has been compared in detail with other providers over a significant time. In addition to this, we have a much larger team of data analysts covering fewer companies, which enables us to check daily for new events and updates. Finally, our team includes multi-lingual analysts who can collect event data published in other languages in advance of English speakers.

Range of Event Types and Coverage

Our offering includes coverage of trading statements and company attendance at investor conferences. Our experience is that these events often have a significant impact on share prices. Other vendors provide their future events data as part of a transcripts service and are mainly concerned with the conference call event for companies where they are hosting the call. Our strategy is to match our coverage with that of our customers, ensuring that all our resources are focused on companies that matter.

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EDI provides a data feed of content which can be fed directly into client site databases and systems.

  • Company events across UK, Europe, Asia, South, Central and North America
  • Indexed by ISIN for International companies
  • Available in XML