Crypto Exposure Data

As cryptocurrency continues to gain global market share, there is a growing need for compliance officers, regulators, exchanges, hedge funds, institutional investors, and custodians to have increased access to high-quality data and analytics in the crypto space. Our data covers financial instruments with exposure to cryptocurrency, including ETFs, ETPs, UITs, Mutual Funds, and Equities.

Key Features:

  • Crypto Surveillance – Daily screening for securities exposed to digital assets/futures.
  • Crypto Exposure Holdings – Ratio of fund holdings exposed to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
  • Crypto Price Correlation – Pearson correlation coefficient of exposed security to Bitcoin/Ethereum.
  • Data Delivery -Data is available via API or SFTP.

The Crypto Asset Exposure Service covers a multitude of countries, including, Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, United States. The data is updated daily. Available via XML and Excel format. Updated on a daily basis.

Data Delivery

Delivery options