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Get the most accurate, comprehensive and timely Global Economic data from 8 different databases, covering more than 250 countries across the globe.


Armed with two decades of experience sourcing and delivering Global Economic data, our staff is an indispensable source of information for:

  • Risk Management
  • Analysing Economic Trends
  • Assessing Economic Policies
  • Monitoring Financial Market Activities
  • Formulating Investment Strategies
  • Exploring Business Opportunities

Accurate, Global Databases

There are eight proprietary databases, covering four major regions, members of EuroStat and advanced economies. Data is organized by country and then by broad category, except for the EuroStat database in which comparable data across countries is grouped under categories (from broad to narrow).

  • G7 & Europe – provides comprehensive economic and financial data for Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and EuroArea. The database has over 143,189 series from primary sources;
  • Forecast – 130 countries and regions based on the 22 categories of topics, using the TRAMO-SEATS model. The database has over 308,000 forecasted time series or an average of 2,370 series for each country and forecasted data is extended up to the future eight years;
  • EuroStat – provides comprehensive and comparable data for Europe as a whole under various definitions (e.g., Euro Area, EU15, EU25) as well as for 36 individual countries. The database has over 359,900 series;
  • Emerging Americas – 45 major emerging markets in Latin America, over 81,000 series from primary sources or an average of around 1,800 series for each country;
  • Emerging Asia – 46 major emerging markets in Asia, over 303,500 series from primary sources or an average of 11,900 series for each country;
  • Emerging CIS – 12 major emerging markets in the Commonwealth of Independent States, over 63,900 series from primary sources or an average of 4,390 series for each country;
  • Emerging EMEA – 95 major emerging markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa, over 223,400 series from primary sources or an average of 2,350 series for each country;
  • Emerging Africa – 54 major emerging markets in Africa, over 107,200 series from primary sources.

Benefit from Timely, Reliable Global Economic Data

The majority of the data is monthly, supplemented by daily, quarterly, semi-annual and annual data, all starting from when they first became available.

Updated 24 hours around the clock, our proprietary databases are built upon primary official sources: central banks, statistical offices, finance ministries, stock exchanges, industry associations, and other government and semi-government bodies.

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