Multi-Asset Trading







Presenting a unique insight into multi-asset trading behaviour and market activity

In today’s challenging financial markets with an ever-evolving regulatory environment, EDI and Finalto Data have partnered to provide high-quality market data through their network of liquidity providers and large client basis. Leverage 10+ years of market insight through this powerful solution.

  • Finalto interacts with a range of liquidity provider’s.
  • Type of trading clients – Retail brokers, Professional Traders, Fund Managers, Family Offices, Asset Managers, Prop trading firms, Banks, Bullion houses, Corporates
  • Volume traded – Up to $10 billion daily volume with a range of trade sizes from 10,000 to 5,000,000

Finalto aggregates and delivers data from an extensive number of instruments across multiple asset classes

  • FX (Spot) 80+ currencies
  • Precious Metals
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Palladium
    • Platinum
  • Base Metals
  • Single stock CFD’s
  • Indices
  • Energies
  • Crypto

Utilized by a multitude of different institutions

Access 5 years historical real-time data enabling your business to:

  • Quantitative Model back-testing
  • Internal transaction cost analysis
  • Price engine verification
  • Trade surveillance
  • Technical analysis charting
  • Educational usage

Liquidity Offering

Finalto Data’s mission is to deliver a complete package including the best possible liquidity services through their extensive selection of Tier 1 banks, ECNs and non-bank liquidity pools. Finalto was recently named Best B2B Liquidity Provider at the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022 following the iFX EXPO in Cyprus. Through a single margin account and API, you can access 800 instruments across 7 asset classes, fully cross-margined and accessible through your choice of technology partner.

Use Cases
  • Quantitative model backtesting ALGO proprietary position taker, Hedge Funds, Banks, Brokers, Fund Managers.
  • Provide Anonymised client execution data:
    • Historical maybe 2 years covering X currency pairs, this initial sample data will allow the Institution to test our data relevance.
    • If the data is useful, provide the full data set 5+ years of anonymised client execution in the instrument segment they require.
    • If this is beneficial, they will sign to take the Real-time anonymised client execution data.
  • Trade Surveillance
    • Asset Manager requires to rebalance their portfolio
    • The execution desk requires Sell X and Buy Y (Sell Euro and buy Chf) currency to enable the asset manager to purchase the relevant equity in the new country (Switzerland)
    • At the time of execution (confirmed by the timestamp) the Asset manager can interrogate our market data to prove an independent Eur/ CHF that will provide a rate that can be used either to prove they have executed at the relevant market rate, or they have not achieved best execution by hitting an off-market rate.
  • Price Engine Verification
    • Smaller non sophisticated regional bank wishes to improve their pricing strategy by introducing an electronic pricing engine / ALGO hedging tool
    • Finalto can provide them with an aggregated LP market data stream to verify what rates the pricing engine is making are in line with the actual market prices.
  • Internal TCA
    • There are large non independent TCA providers Finalto being totally independent will allow us to provide a market stream to prove the execution for their clients are at market levels. This is an FCA / and the Global code of conduct.
    • The bank / Institution can attach the rate to a dealing ticket with the exact time stamp.

Data Delivery

Delivery options


Delivery format

Business Scenarios

The scenarios below show an easy way to verify where the market was at the time of execution, allowing your clients the comfort that the asset manager is adhering to their fiduciary responsibility of best execution.

Scenario A

ABC Asset manager is long of US equities, their portfolio manager would like to re-balance the portfolio towards Japanese equities. The execution team must sell USD and buy JPY spot. ABC requests a price from one liquidity provider and was made 130.30 to Sell USD and buy JPY at this stage ABC could interrogate our independent rate Finalto rate was at the timestamp 130.38 subsequently ABC lost 8 thus not achieving best execution.

Scenario B

XYZ Asset manager is long of GBP equities, their portfolio manager would like to re-balance the portfolio towards CHF equities. The execution team must sell GBP and buy CHF spot. ABC requests a price from their liquidity panel and was made 1.1400, 1.1399, 1.1400 to Sell GBP and buy CHF at this stage XYZ could interrogate our independent rate, the Finalto rate was at the timestamp 1.1400 subsequently XYZ achieved best execution by asking multiple prices and verifying from an independent source where the market was at the time of execution.