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Historical Data


Whether you have a small amount of securities to value or need to conduct probate or portfolio valuations on a regular basis, then you need to refer to the official historic price of the security.

ProbSys is a historic share valuation software service that will save you time and money by providing immediate access to official prices, dating back to January 2008, for all investment securities listed on the London Stock Exchange including:

  • Equities
  • Gilts
  • Corporate bonds
  • AIM-listed companies
  • Warrants
  • Closed end funds
  • Depository receipts

Conduct probate and portfolio valuation in a few clicks

Use ProbSys probate and portfolio valuations for:

  • Historical valuations
  • Obtaining dividends and accrued interest data where applicable
  • Obtaining prices for all authorised unit trusts

Improve the speed and accuracy of probate valuations

ProbSys provides immediate and accurate shareholding portfolio valuations using data sources specified by the Capital Taxes Office.

Shareholding portfolio valuations follow the Quarter Up method, which calculates valuations from the daily spread of the Daily Official List (DOL). The Quarter Up method is approved by the HM Revenue and Customs.

Easily Obtain Historic Shares Prices

Know that using ProbSys is straight-forward, quick and simple.

  • Create a case
  • Select the valuation date
  • Upload the portfolio or manually enter the holdings
  • Quick and easy report generation