Worldwide Shares Outstanding


Shares Outstanding is shown on company's balance sheet under the heading "Capital Stock" and is more important than the authorized shares or float. It is used in the calculation of many metrics including market capitalization figures, earnings per share (EPS) and calculating share stakes for regulatory reporting levels.

EDI’s WSO service is divided into seven different modules listed below, for specific geographical areas, or it can be supplied as an entire global feed. This enables clients to receive information on the number of Shares Outstanding on particular exchanges.

The data is supplied as a feed on a daily or weekly basis with the following fields:

With the service being updated on a regular basis, clients can identify new issues, name changes, deletions and additions as and when they occur as well as changes in shares outstanding.

In addition to country feeds, regional groups or the whole world, EDI can also produce ‘ad hoc’ feeds. Clients can request a customised database to include only various parts of the data (i.e. Company Name, Shares Outstanding and Local Code) for selected countries, and thus do not have to receive all the data fields.

Main Search Screen

This Screen allows the User to Search for Shares Outstanding Figures via a range of search options:

Issuer Name – This search will provide the User with a list of Companies that match the letters entered. The more letters you enter, the more focused the search.

Select the issuer from the list provided by clicking on the ‘IssId’ (first column shown). The User will be presented with a list of Securities for the chosen Issuer, showing the latest Shares Outstanding Figures and other key information, such as Date the Figure last changed, Exchange Code and Sedol™.

To view the full details for the chosen Security, simply click the ‘EventID’ (first column shown). This screen will provide the User with all the fields of information.

The other search options shown on this page, allow the User to search at the Security Level – Sedol™, ISIN, Symbol and US Code.

The Results will be the same as using the Issuer search, but will provide Shares Outstanding Figures for only that Security you have entered.


This Screen allows the User to search for all those Securities that have had a change in their Shares Outstanding figures, over a period of time that is defined by the User.

The Search is based upon Country of Incorporation, and the drop down allows the User to search for ‘All Countries’ that are covered by the service, or to select an individual Country. The User can use the ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ to create a specific search range, or more commonly, use the ‘Search from the last’ drop down to select a pre-determined date range, from 1 day to 1 year.

The User can then search for ‘Created’ figures, meaning the Security is being seen for the first time, or ‘Changed’ figures, meaning the Security has been set up prior to this latest change. The User then has the option of defining the results, and the order in which they are shown. Multiple Listings can be selected by ticking the box, and the display order can be shown by ‘Issuer’ ‘Change’ date, ‘Created’ date or ‘Effective date’. To see the full details of the Security, click on the ‘EventID’.


Audit Trail

This Search allows the User to look for all historical Created and Updated Shares Outstanding Figures for a specific security. The User can search under the Issuer Name, Sedol™, ISIN or US Code.

The Issuer Name search will require the User to select the correct Issuer Name from a List, and if applicable, then select the required Security from a list. Sedol™, ISIN and US Code searches will display the history straight away.

(Note:SEDOL is a registered trademark of London Stock Exchange plc.)

If you require additional help and support when using this Service,

please feel free to contact EDI's Sales Department on (+44) (0) 20 7269 9150.