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Citadel Associates introduces interface for Exchange Data International’s Worldwide Corporate Actions feed

Citadel Associates has, using the CADIS Data Management Platform, developed an interface to Exchange Data International’s Worldwide Corporate Actions.

London, January 25th, 2006, Citadel Associates, a leading provider of financial software to the global financial services industry, today announced the development of an interface to the Worldwide Corporate Actions (WCA) data feed from Exchange Data International (EDI), a leading provider of back office data solutions and securities data.

The design philosophy behind the CADIS Data Management Platform is based on many years experience of implementing front, middle and back office solutions for banks and investment management institutions.
CADIS delivers a visualisation of an organisation’s data management process to meet data delivery targets, removing the complexity around interposing business interpretation layers between technical staff and business users.

Jean Williams, Citadel’s Managing Director, comments, “the development of the WCA interface is recognition of the need to obtain accurate Corporate Action announcements in a timely manner providing the business user with the ability to control the enterprise dataflows and data quality. Our relationship with EDI demonstrates further Citadel’s commitment to bring innovative data management software solutions to the financial services industry, supported by recognised and respected market data vendors.”

Jonathan Bloch, managing director of EDI notes that “We are impressed with the CADIS Data Management Platform as it is both easy to integrate data and is configurable by a user with limited IT skills. EDI will be providing its worldwide corporate actions service through CADIS, initially equities and warrants but fourth quarter 2006 fixed income. EDI see increased demand for tools to both display and manipulate data and we are pleased to be working with Citadel on this project.”