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Exchange Data International (EDI) has been providing end-of-day pricing data since 2007. The service currently covers over 170 exchanges worldwide providing clients with quick access to extensive and accurate closing pricing data.

Clients subscribe to our End of Day Pricing Data offering to:

  • Access closing pricing data gathered from 170 exchanges worldwide including all emerging and frontier markets
  • Easily identify stocks through static data elements taken from the Security Reference File

Our end of day prices are available for:

  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • US Mutual Funds
  • Derivatives End of Day Pricing
  • Listed bonds
  • Listed indices

Data elements include open, high, low, close, traded volume & value and number of transactions.

Cannot wait for confirmed closing pricing data?

Then take advantage of our unconfirmed end-of-day pricing data feed.


The Closing pricing feeds are ideal for:

  • Performing portfolio valuations
  • Index calculations
  • Benchmarking your positions
EDI can provide real-time market data upon request.

Please note: Clients that purchase EOD pricing files, there is a repush file that requires to be continuously processed (this file picks up any prices that EDI flagged for high % change from previous close) to overwrite previous file.

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Download ETA Confirmed (GMT) and ETA Unconfirmed (GMT) coverage here

Get fast answers to closing pricing questions

A 24-hour support line is available to you Monday through Friday.

Please see below for the Frequently Asked Questions.

The following Exchanges may require a separate licence from that stock exchange to redistribute End of Day Pricing data.
Country Exchange Country
Australia Australian Securities Exchange XASX
Austria Vienna Stock Exchange XWBO
Bosnia & Herzegovina Sarajevo Stock Exchange XSSE
Chile Santiago Stock Exchange XSGO
Egypt Egyptian Exchange XCIA
Italy Borsa Italiana MTAA
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Stock Exchange XKAZ
Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange XBUD
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange XJPX
Malaysia Malaysian Stock Exchange XKLS
New Zealand New Zealand Exchange XNZE
Philippines Philippines Stock Exchange XPHS
Romania* Bucharest Stock Exchange* XBSE*
Singapore Singapore Stock Exchange XSES
Thailand Thailand Stock Exchange XBKK
South Africa Johannesburg Stock Exchange XJSE
Tunisia Tunisian Stock Exchange XTUN
Vietnam Hanoi Stock Exchange HSTC