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Have initial public offering data delivered to you simply and find out if a target company has declared its intention of going public. Then use that information to set up an issue in your reference database.
EDI monitors IPO’s worldwide using local stock exchanges as its primary source of information, along with secondary sources including local newspapers, news agencies etc.

Client can access IPO data announcements captured at 6 stages:

  • New – indicates that the IPO is complete (or in action) and the listing date is today or yesterday.
  • Rumour – indicates that the company (or other respected source) has announced its intention to hold an IPO, but before the necessary approval has been made.
  • Pending – indicates that the IPO is confirmed and the necessary approval has been made.
  • Historical – indicates that the IPO has taken place and the listing date is more than 2 days before.
  • Postponed – an IPO which has been temporarily suspended, pending a further announcement on the operation of the placement.
  • Withdrawn – an IPO which has been permanently stopped due to the company’s or regulatory body’s decision.


Primary Sources Secondary Sources
150 International Stock Exchanges International News Agencies


Further Public Offerings

What is an FPO?

Unlike Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) FPOs are additional public offerings of shares via Secondary Public Offerings (SPO) or further placements of shares through.The service covers the following types of FPO:

What are types of FPO covered?
  • FPO share issuance: when new shares are offered to the public to purchase at a set price determined at a discount of market price on a given day. This event increase the number of total shares outstanding and therefore has a dilutionary effect on existing shareholders.
  • Strategic share offer: where existing shares are placed for sale by current shareholders. No additional shares are created and therefore share dilution does not occur.
  • Combined SPO and strategic sale: when the offering comprises both offer of new shares and resale of existing shares
  • Greenshoe offer: comprises additional shares made available in the event of over subscription on an optional basis to the deal’s underwriters. Greenshoe shares are can comprise of additional and/or existing shares.
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