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Timely and accurate information about benchmark rates and other key rates on a daily basis.

The Reference Rates Service provides 924 Interbank and benchmark Reference Rates data for 90 currencies, including Euro Legacy, with historical data coverage going back to 2010. The service can be utilised to determine other interest rates and yield curves in a financial instrument.

The most common reference rates, including Fed Funds Rates, Interbank Offered Rates, the Prime Rate, and the rate on benchmark U.S Treasury Securities, are used with various types of transactions.

Gathered from a multitude of sources including banks, Stock Exchanges, and financial regulators.

The Yield Curve Service provides a term structure of interest rates under various scenarios, including IBOR discounting, OIS discounting, and use of Risk-Free Rates (“RFR”). The service provides data including quoted bids and asks on global interest rate swaps and basis swaps, implied zero-coupon yields and discount factors, cap/floor volatilities, and swaption volatilities.

Note: We are collecting few other Norwegian Rates (NIBOR swaps; Norwegian Overnight Weighted Average; Norway Deposit Rates Norges Bank Policy Rate and Norway Swap) from other sources, which is free and not asking any credential and retain these rates on the brochure.

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The information can be loaded into internal systems that allow trading and settlement engines to accurately complete transactions.




Symbol Name Symbol Name Symbol Name
AED Abu Dhabi HKD Hong Kong PEN Peru
ALL Albania HUF Hungary PGK Papua New Guinea
AMD Armenia IDR Indonesia PHP Philippines
AOA Angola ILS Israel PKR Pakistan
ARS Argentina INR India PLN Poland
AUD Australia ISK Iceland Krona PYG Paraguay
AZE Azerbaijan JMD Jamaica QAR Qatar
BGN Bulgaria JOD Jordan RON Romania
BHD Bahrain JPY Japan RSD Serbia
BRL Brazil KES Kenya RUB Russia
BSD Bahamas KGS Kyrgyzstan RWF Rwandan
BWP Botswana KRW Korea (South) SAR Saudi Arabia
BYN Belarus KWD Kuwait SCR Seychelles
CAD Canada KZT Kazakhstan SEK Sweden
CHF Switzerland LKR Sri Lanka SGD Singapore
CLP Chile MAD Morocco SLL Sierra Leone
CNY China MDL Moldova THB Thailand
COP Columbia MKD Macedonia TJS Tajikistan
CRC Costa Rica MNT Mongolia TND Tunisian
CYP Cyprus MOP Macau TRY Turkey
DKK Denmark MUR Mauritius TTD Trinidad and Tobago
EGP Egypt MWK Malawi TWD Taiwan
EUR Euro MXN Mexico TZS Tanzania
FJD Fiji MYR Malaysia UAH Ukraine
GBP United Kingdom MZN Mozambique UGX Uganda
GEL Georgia NAD Namibia USD United States of America
GHS Ghana NGN Nigeria UZS Uzbekistan
GMD Gambia NOK Norway VND Vietnam
GTQ Guatemala NZD New Zealand ZAR South Africa
GYD Guyana OMR Oman ZMW Zambia

Sample Data

Sample Data