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Essential resource for sanctions screening.


Investment firms have to keep up with a dynamic sanctions landscape to stay compliant. BigTXN provides a data solution for firms to screen their new and existing tradable instruments on a continual basis and against multiple sanctions lists.

We identify in-scope entities that are explicitly- and implicitly-sanctioned and their linked instruments. We are covering more than 700 entities across the globe and monitoring over 20 major sanction issuing authorities website on daily basis.

Our daily monitored Sanctioned Instrument Masterfile (SIM) meets and exceeds demanding requirements in the buy- and sell-side, for these use cases and more:

  • Counterparty Risk Verification
  • ETF Basket Monitoring
  • Index Eligibility Screening
  • Pre-Trade Compliance
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Post-Trade Audit
  • Sanctioned Securities Screening
  • Trade Restriction Lists
  • Trade Universe Monitoring


High-precision identification and matching


BigTXN uses a proprietary, high-performance, scalable entity matching algorithm, which was trained to deal with complex matching between large datasets.

  • Efficiency: Sanctions matching involves searching for matches between a large number of securities and a database of sanctioned individuals or entities. We ensure that the matching process is quick and efficient, reducing the time needed to complete the required analysis.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of sanctions matching is critical because the results of the match determine whether or not a financial instrument is in scope of sanctions regulations. We apply machine and human checks to confirm that matches are accurate, reducing the risk of false positives or false negatives.
  • Speed: Sanctions regulations are complex and subject to change quickly. Firms must be able to quickly and accurately match records against the latest sanctions lists in order to remain compliant. We help firms stay ahead of these changes to continually maintain compliance.
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