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China is the second largest economy in the world, and its stock market capitalization is also ranked just next to the United States.

The earning call transcript dataset has full coverage of China listed companies, backfilled to January 2016, and is suitable for all types of investors, from long-only, proprietary to quantitative funds, from buy-side to sell-side.

There is a high degree of granularity of data attributes, which include stock ticker, data type, timestamp, attendees, location. Contents are classified as statement/question/answer.

How can the earning call transcript dataset help you?

Unstructured data refers to data originated in unstructured forms, such as text data, news, filings, reports and conference calls. It contains 80-90% of all potentially usable business information and has been traditionally either ignored or deemed too expensive to analyse.

Orbit unleashes the value of unstructured data and transforms it into actionable trade ideas, indicators in real-time. Orbit can provide end-to-end business solutions by giving clients the ability to consume unstructured data in a systematic way.


  1. Earning Call Transcripts
  2. Public disclosures on broker onsite research
  3. Executive official responses on online platforms
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About Orbit Financial Technology

This dataset is in partnership with Orbit Financial Technology.

Orbit Financial Technology specializes in processing large volumes of unstructured data with advanced big data, Natural Language Processing and machine learning technologies for the financial services industry.