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Most stock exchanges, asset managers, stockbrokers and data providers maintain a reference database of listed and unlisted securities, for example, OTC bonds. Maintaining and keeping up to date this security reference database can be outsourced to EDI, who will provide these services in a timely and efficient manner at a considerably lower cost than if the work was to be undertaken internally.

Outsourcing Opportunity

Join the several companies that have started using these facilities for activities like:

  • Extensive sourcing of Fixed Income documents and scrubbing of Terms and Conditions for an evaluated pricing company.
  • Proxy service where the client’s database is updated remotely from Mumbai for annual financial information, director’s remuneration packages, proxy details, directorial changes etc., for public companies in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore and 20 other countries.
  • Timely updating of Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual results of all public companies in UK, Australia and New Zealand and companies present in major European, US, Canadian and Far Eastern indices.
  • Up to the minute remote updating of Broker Recommendations, Executive Changes, Director’s Deals, Major Shareholders and Newspaper tips from exchange filings and other sources for an internet content provider. The client takes advantage of time differences between the UK and India.
  • Transcription of Investor, Pool and Servicing reports for CDO, MBS, ABS securities into a template provided by an insurance company.

Outsourcing Capabilities

Since EDI possesses a unique business, domain and technical knowledge, we can analyze data flows, establish controls, make necessary changes in the data model and software, break up the activity into manageable processes and ensure quick data updates.

We efficiently manage securities administration and market data from voluminous disparate paper-based sources.

In short, we understand your financial information needs to deliver what you want.

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