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The US Mutual Funds service provides clients with the highest quality reference data, comprehensive corporate actions and dividends data plus a daily pricing feed.

Our client can access dynamically updated, maintained and detailed information on over 29,000+ Mutual Funds, 18,000 Unit Investment Trusts (UITS), 134 Interval Funds for the US and select data from over 20+ fields including:

  • US Local Code
  • FIGI
  • ISIN
  • Issuer name
  • Tickers

Reduce Operational Risk and Ensure You Have Up to Date Information on US Mutual Funds

Processing corporate actions is essential to your business. Misinterpreted or missed information can have a significant cost to the business that can result in substantial losses.

At EDI we deliver business critical information when you need it, direct from the source. So you can be sure your firm does not miss key corporate action data.

EDI also has a wealth of experience with over 25 years participation in the corporate actions industry.


Get access to US Mutual Funds Net Asset Values (NAVs) data as soon as it becomes available

Use our end of day pricing data feed to:

  • Access closing pricing data for US Mutual Funds and Unit Investment Trusts (UITs).
  • Easily identify US funds through static data elements taken from the Security Reference File.

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