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The Worldwide Equity Analytics is a new feed of derived equity data which provides clients with high-quality information to efficiently manage and value their portfolio.

Get one file with all the analytics data you need to:

  • Mitigate risks associated with securities within your portfolio
  • Automate decision-making

Get insight into the global equity market

Receive a customisable set of more than 60 equity derived data fields*, including:

  • Issuer Market Capitalization
  • Average Daily Traded Volume for 9 Months
  • Benchmark Securities
  • 1, 5 & 10 years Benchmark, Stock and Comparative Returns
  • 1 & 5 Years Dividend Growth
  • Average Daily Volume over past Week, Month & Year
  • RSI
  • 90 Day Volatility
  • Value at risk over 1 year (99% & 95% Confidence)
  • 12 & 60 months Alpha, Beta, R-squared, Sharpe

*Know that additional analytics can be added upon request

Reference data fields from the Security Reference File such as:

  • Issuer Name
  • Security Type
  • MIC
  • Exchange

And Closing pricing data elements like:

  • Last Traded Date
  • High
  • Low
  • Close

The link to the end of day price files, ensures that analytics for each security is automatically published soon after market close.

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Choose to receive equity analytics by country, region or on a global basis.

Note: Redistribution License Required for Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange, SAFEX Derivatives Market