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The Foreign ownership limitations service provides information that is used by index providers in determining the “free float” through covering the limits on the amount a foreign firm or individual can invest in a business or in a country through buying shares.

The product has a coverage of 46 countries, 37 fields, and 53 Exchanges. The information can be loaded into internal systems that allow trading and settlement engines to accurately calculate whether a transaction will breach the limits.

The product can be easily customized to meet each individual customer’s needs through a range of customization options:

  • Delivery-based solutions to complement existing client infrastructure.
  • Content provided at the geographical or portfolio holding level.
  • Feeds containing particular formats, field content, and integrated client-level data items.

Foreign Investment Details

Foreign Investors 

A Foreign investor can be either a natural person or a corporation/company, who have made an investment in business interests located in another country.

Total number of stocks held directly by foreigners

It indicates the total number of shares held by foreign stockholders in a company.

Direct holding ratio by foreigners

The Foreign investors’ holding ratio is the ratio between the total number of stocks held by the foreigners and a total number of outstanding shares by the company.

Upper limit on foreign investment 

The upper limit on foreign investment is the maximum investment level allowed by the government to the foreign person company.

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