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The Foreign Ownership Limitations service informs investors of whether a foreign firm or individual has exceeded the foreign stock ownership ceiling limits. The service covers 58 Exchanges in 50 countries and provides access to 37 data fields. The data can be fed into systems already in place, enabling them to accurately calculate whether transactions breach foreign stock ownership limitations.

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The service can be used by index providers to determine the “free float”, and can be customized to meet individual client needs, including:

  • Flexible data delivery options to complement existing client infrastructure.
  • Customizable data feeds at the geographic or portfolio holding level.
  • Data fields are tailored from a massive range of options available.


Foreign Investor An organization or individual investing in a country of which they are not a citizen or in which they are not incorporated.
Total number of stocks held directly by foreigners It indicates the total number of shares held by foreign stockholders in a company.
Direct holding ratio The foreign investors’ holding ratio is the ratio between the total number of stocks held by the foreigners and total number of outstanding shares issued by the company.
Upper limit on foreign investment Upper limit on foreign investment is the maximum investment level allowed by the government to the foreign person/company.
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