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Provided in partnership with Securities Quote Xchange (SQX), the REIT pricing service offers asset managers a trusted third-party source to alleviate the time-consuming tracking, discovery, follow-up, and SEC-filing analysis for private, public non-listed, public REITs, and closed-end funds. SQX understands the complexities of the regulatory environment and various accounting methodologies used for pricing REITs. Adding this extra level of protection allows clients to focus on other areas of their organization. As key specialists in gathering and distributing difficult-to-price security quotes, SQX is recognized for their timely customer service differentiating themselves from competitors in accuracy, cost, and service.

Core Features

  • Transparent – All relevant source and methodology data used to price given security is available for inspection and auditing.
  • Compliant – Our data complies with and discloses the valuation methodologies given in FINRA Rules 2231 and 2111.
  • Complete – We provide pricing for private, public non-listed, and public REITs, BDCs, equity REITs, and other interval or closed-end funds.
  • Customizable – Client reports can be customized in format, content, and delivery method.

REITs Covered

  • Private REITs – The main differentiating factor for Private REITs is it can be sold only to institutional investors.
  • Publicly Non-Traded REITs – Non-Traded REITs do not trade on national securities exchanges, meaning they are less liquid than publicly-traded REITs. This however comes with its benefits as it leads to more stable security with limited market fluctuations.
  • Publicly Traded REITs – These shares are bought and sold by individual investors, publicly-traded REITs are listed on a national securities exchange.

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