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Historical Data


The Economic Indicator Service (EIS) aims to deliver economic content to financial institutions on both buy and sell side and service providers. This new service currently covers 2229 recurring macro-economic indicators, such as GDP data, unemployment releases, PMI numbers etc. from 37 countries.

EIS gathers the major economic events from a variety of regions and countries around the globe and provides an Economic Events Data feed and Economic Calendar service to our clients. This service includes all previous historic data on economic indicators that are currently available on EIS’s database.

Depending on availability, information regarding economic indicators, including the details of the issuing agency as well as historical data series can be made accessible for the client.

Key information about EIS:

  • Cloud-based service – which is delivered via HTML/JavaScript application formats, which can then be embedded onto your website using iFrames
  • Alternatives methods available – such as JSON feed for economic calendar are also available that can be integrated onto the company’s system
  • Live data – updated 24/5, immediately after the data has been released
  • Historical data – includes feed of all previous economic indicators available

EDI will be adding additional countries to the service including Chile, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan and Taiwan.

Data Delivery

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Sample Data

This is the sample economic data for 2 selected indicators – United States GDP and United Kingdom GDP – released quarterly. The data is released three times – P (Preliminary), S (Secondary) and F (Final). EDI are able to create a file (in any format) for all the indicators with history upon clients request.

Download United Kingdom gross domestic product

Download United States gross domestic product annualised