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The Investment Fund industry is estimated to be worth around $114 trillion worldwide.

The share of financial assets owned through investment funds has been growing steadily and continues to expand particularly in emerging markets.

Until recently, EDI provided closed-end fund and ETF information that were exchange-traded. In 2021, EDI launched the new, covering open-ended funds to expand on our services (for more information see our Mutual Funds section).

Funds Coverage

The service covers open-ended funds for the UK, Ireland, and Luxembourg with other markets to follow.

Our current active universe stands at approximately 96,000 share class funds made up of:

  1. 16,000 UK Funds
  2. 30,000 Irish Funds
  3. 50,000 Luxembourg Funds

We also provide EDI translation services covering Switzerland, Austria, France, and Belgium and other European markets on request. So, if you have a pan European portfolio, for more information on our Funds Data solutions.

Reference Data

Timely Delivery of Funds Data Direct from the source

With a dedicated team collecting and processing data from 139,000 funds daily, and direct links with over 400 fund managers, supplemented by third-party data, you can be assured of timely delivery of funds data. See the table below for a full list of funds data reference fields.

Corporate Actions

Combine our Reference Data with our Corporate Actions service, to benefit from comprehensive coverage of all open-ended funds. The product offers corporate actions events and also now splits out various income streams for funds, namely Dividend, Interest and Property, where applicable.

Utilize Our Comprehensive Corporate Actions

The risk to a financial firm of missing a corporate action can run into a loss of millions of pounds and can lead to reputational damage. Use EDI’s corporate action service for funds and get coverage of the corporate action for the funds you hold.

Use EDI’s Standardized Feeds to Develop an Enterprise Solution

Our fund’s data service will provide you with crucial dividend and corporate actions information. Corporate actions are often complex and deadline-driven and of importance to front, middle and back offices in a firm. Use our standardized feeds to ensure your firm is processing corporate actions and cascading them down the organization into downstream risk models and trading strategies.

The Funds Data Service helps Calculating Accurate Tax Liability

Investors and representative firms can calculate the correct tax liability payable by investors based on the breakout of various income streams in the EDI corporate actions feed.

Data Delivery

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The service covers Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Client Profile

Client profiles that EDI have worked within Investment Funds are mainly in the categories below, but not limited to:

  • Retail Fund Platforms
  • Fund Research Companies
  • Stockbrokers
  • Financial Information Data Vendors
  • Fintech/startups
  • Wealth Managers
  • Software Providers
  • Risk Managers
  • Index providers for FoFs
  • Audit firms