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Easy access to our complete historical data service

Make use of the Financial Stock Guide Service reports that are available on US and Canadian Securities, which are listed on US security exchanges; 25,000 Active Securities; 125,000 Obsolete Securities; 2,500,000 Trackable Securities; and more.

  • Securities Reference Service (SRS) – Subscribers to this service will receive details of active equity securities which are provided with 24/7 access. Clients will also obtain the FII’s Annual Guide to Stocks (printed edition).
  • Active Stock Guide Service50,000 United States and Canadian securities which are listed on US security exchanges, including companies incorporated offshore, full security issuer, Issue Descriptions, CUSIP© or CINS©; Place of Incorporation; Par Value; Transfer Agents, plus a separate section for inactive agents referencing the new agent; Transfer Charge; Dividend Disbursing Agent; Lead Underwriter; Poison Pills; Summary of Capital Changes & Stock Dividends for Active Stocks.
  • Obsolete Stock Guide ServiceMore than 100,000 Obsolete Securities dating back to the late 1800s, Bankruptcies & Receivership, Liquidations, Dissolutions, Corporate Charter Cancellations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Name Changes, Recapitalizations, Reorganizations, Stocks Declared Worthless, Summary of Capital Changes and Stock Dividends for Obsolete Stocks.

End-of-Life File (ELF) Service

ELF empowers subscribers to authenticate the accuracy of their Security Master File for North American Equities. ELF is now packaged with the Security Reference Service (SRS) and subscribers have 24/7 access to FII’s reference and historical databases. ELF results are divided into the following subsets: Worthless & Equity Unlikely; Non-Transferable; Cashed Out; Identity Change – No Exchange; SEC Registration Revoked, and Company Terminating Registration.

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The US US Equities Historical Reference Services data-set is a partnership between EDI and New Jersey-based Financial company Financial Information Incorporated.