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Benefit from timely and accurate Global Market and Public Holidays data

The Global Market and Public Holidays service is divided into 5 products and provides accurate information on holiday observances affecting financial institutions such as Exchanges & Trading Venues, Exchange Clearing, Banks, Bank Clearing and Currency Traders, also included are timings.

Additionally, our Global Market and Public Holidays service provides information of holiday for National, State, District, City and Others category of the country.

Using the detailed settlement and institution note, firms can automatically calculate the next trading day after any institutional holiday.

Subscribers of the online service can easily view holidays for the current month and set up daily email alerts to receive any up-to-date information.

With this offering EDI enables market participants to replace antiquated, manual, time-consuming data collection processes with an electronic alternative.

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EDI provides this information over the web as well as in a tab-delimited FTP file. The information can be loaded into internal systems that allow trading and settlement engines to accurately complete transactions.

Product Features

  • Holiday observances for the next 30 years
  • Historical data from 2001


Exchanges & Trading Venues Exchange Clearing Banks Currencies Bank Clearing
154 Countries 136 Countries 230 Countries 156 Countries 116 Countries
24 Fields 21 Fields 20 Fields 18 Fields 21 Fields


National State District City Other
245Countries 140 Countries 40 Countries 34 Countries 84 Countries
24 Fields 17Fields 17Fields 17Fields 17Fields