Offshore Reporting Funds




The Offshore Reporting Funds service is a partnership between Exchange Data International (EDI) and Financial Software Limited (FSL).

The Offshore Reporting Funds service provides you with the required offshore fund tax reporting elements that are:

  • easy to use;
  • provided in adaptable formats;
  • provided through a validating process ensuring accurate data.

What is the need?

HMRC are clamping down on offshore funds tax avoidance as it is a legal requirement to report all offshore transactions. Using the Offshore Reporting Funds service will transform the time-consuming, labour-intensive task of identifying funds and determining tax liabilities into a simpler, streamlined process. It will be a valued addition for your clients and reduce any risk of non-compliance.

Fund Coverage Offering:

  • The largest proprietary database of Fund Manager details (including niche Hedge Funds).
  • Identification of constant NAV funds to provide assurance that there is no missing data.
  • Extended reports with Transparent Funds to enhance your client offering.
  • To ensure your clients receive accurate data our skilled team monitor Reporting Fund statuses with Fund Managers
  • Ongoing reporting of historic fund data.


The service has overcome potential issues when gathering data from various sources and offers HMRC approved currency conversion capability to save you the time and burden. Our service reduces the burdens of this process:

  • Missing or incorrect identifiers – Funds can often appear without a SEDOL or ISIN. Identifiers can also be too short or too long and Fund names can be very similar.
  • Time-consuming web searches – Fund Manager websites can be difficult to find. Niche funds often have very basic sites with little to no information.
  • Missing historic information – Reports may only cover a certain time period. Changes in fund names/administrators can cause challenges with obtaining older information.
  • Difficulty in accessing reports – Websites rarely have specific Reporting Fund data sections or may not even be published.
  • Unclear reporting currency – This can result in confusion as to whether they are stated in Share Class currency or Base currency.
  • Difficulty in identifying share classes – This leads to the use of incorrect figures or having to contact the Fund Manager directly.

The dedicated Data Analysis team are available to offer support for your data queries and to give you the confidence that you need in your Offshore Reporting Funds tax treatment.

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