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Structured Note Broker Quotes is in partnership with Securities Quote Xchange (SQX)

SQX is part of a small handful of firms who specializes in gathering and distributing end-of-day structured-note, broker-quoted prices.


Comprehensive: Covers all major US and European issuers

Customizable: Parsed and formatted according to your specifications

Cost-effective: Save time and money by letting us do the work

Highlights include;
  • Daily dealer updates;
  • Daily pricing for 45,000+ broker-quoted structured notes;
  • Daily Universe file or you can select a portfolio of securities;
  • All securities have standard identifiers;
  • Elimination of manual quote collection and data entry, reducing operational risk and saving time.

The service is available through FIX API, or intraday via SFTP, and can be parsed and formatted according to your specifications.

Learn more about this partnership from our press release

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