EDI Ventures

Get complimentary financial data to jump-start your business with EDI Ventures

We still remember what it’s like to start a business, with a very big idea and a very limited budget.

EDI Ventures has successfully enrolled early stage entrepreneurial Fintech companies in the programme. Our partners are already seeing the rewards and productively signing up subscribers to their services.

How can we help?

We’ll provide you with the data you need-at no cost in order to reach the critical ‘proof of concept’ step, where you can demonstrate your product to potential users, partners and suppliers.

What’s in it for us?

We ask for two things:

1. A revenue share in the sales which utilise our data and which also gives you the right to continue your nil-cost data supply.

2. An option of some of your company’s equity, as recompense for taking an early-stage position, and eliminating at least one of the multiple calls on your capital resources.

If you are interested in an EDI Venture Partnership, please contact us.

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