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The primary purpose of the service is to accurately benchmark the markets they represent and enable index users an advantage by utilising them. All indices are engineered in accordance with IOSCO principles and its compliance framework.

We licence our indices to clients based around how they put the indices to good use, so that each user maximises the benefit according to their bespoke requirements. A suite of China equity and commodity focused indices are available for immediate access and use, bespoke indices AUR.

Available Indices

Index Name Class Market Instrument Dom Price Origin Partner Start Date
SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index Commodity Grain Soybean Brazil – S America Safras & Mercado Jan 4, 2016
TradeFlow Capital CTDI China Energy Index Commodity Energy Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Thermal Coal China – Asia TradeFlow Capital Sep 23, 2019
TradeFlow Capital CTDI China Grain Index Commodity Grain #1 Import Soybean, #2 Domestic Soybean, Corn China – Asia TradeFlow Capital Dec 25, 2018
CTDI China Steel Index Commodity Metals Iron Ore, Metal Coke, Coking Coal, Hot Rolled Coils, Steel Rebar, Stainless Steel China – Asia Jan 3, 2019
CTDI China Tesla Supply Chain Index Equity Auto 40 x Chinese Part Manufacturers China – Asia Jan 4, 2012
CTDI China State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Index Equity Corporate 32 x Chinese State Owned Corporates China – Asia Jan 4, 2012
CTDI China Lithium Battery Index Equity Technology 74 X Chinese Lithium Battery Providers China – Asia Jan 4, 2012
CTDI China Defense Industry Index Commodity Technology 158 X Chinese Defense Industry Providers China – Asia Jan 4, 2012
CTDI China Lithium Mining Index Equity Technology 14 X 14 Chinese producers, equipment providers, processors, and refiners of lithium China – Asia Jan 4, 2012

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