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Gain direct access to crucial UK corporate action data for the effective processing of investment decisions

With our UK corporate actions data service you will receive:

  • Detailed information on the terms of an event, the settlement timetable relevant to it and information that is important to processing crucial investment decisions
  • Data sourced from all regulatory services that exist in the UK, from shareholder circulars to registrars and company secretaries
  • Additional information obtained from company legal advisors.

Easily search and retrieve UK corporate actions data

Monitor events as they develop, from the announcement of terms, through the settlement timetable and to the date of execution.

Use the intuitive search functionality to quickly check a single issue or alternatively query the entire database using specific criteria such as event type, security type and time frame.

Search for future ex, record and pay dates using the dividend calendar.

Obtain shareholder circulars

Get in-depth information on critical data such as conversion and redemption formulae, dividend policy nominee and overseas restrictions, as soon as they are available.

Know that relevant shareholder circulars can be accessed directly from the announcements page.

Obtain registrar information

Quickly check the registrar contact details for any securities listed on the London Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange and OFEX.

Subscribe to daily DRIPS email alerts

Take advantage of two daily feeds comprising:

  • All new DRIPS announcements
  • Updates on re-investment prices

Have UK corporate actions data delivered to you simply

Receive accurate corporate actions data via:

  • A web based application (Wincab)
  • Either a 4x daily or an end-of-day data feed via FTP
    • Proprietary format
    • ISO 15022 message standard, providing MT564 & 568 announcements

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Missing Data?

Fill gaps in your database with a one-off purchase of historical UK corporate actions and dividend data customised according to field and market level.