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With the US Bankruptcy Data service, clients can power their analysis, streamline their search and monitor efforts with in-depth bankruptcy information right at the fingertips.

The case information for all companies that file bankruptcy in the 94 U.S. Bankruptcy Courts is imported and updated daily, currently consisting of more than 500,000 bankrupt companies.

In addition to a compressive database, we “track” and write news about every public company currently operating under Chapter 11 protection. This process allows us to continue collecting information about the public company bankruptcy.


How can US Bankruptcy Data help you?


  • Stay on top of bankruptcy case activity with Bankruptcy Daily and Bankruptcy Week;
  • Conduct industry research using our advanced and customized bankruptcy database search platform;
  • Output bankruptcy search results for further analysis and review;
  • Generate sales leads with a daily file of bankrupt companies;
  • Monitor competition by accessing our professional retention database;
  • Feed in-house applications and databases with custom APIs and data feeds.


Data Feeds

Bankruptcy bulk data can be used in applications for:


  • Credit Risk Models
  • Customer Profiling
  • Investment Screening
  • Creditor Profiling
  • Bankruptcy Emergence Data
  • Creating Trading Signals in Combination with Other Data
  • Etc.
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Data Delivery

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The US Bankruptcy Data service covers over 340 fields and includes:
  • Comprehensive data on US business filings for businesses over 50MM in Assets, with historical data going back to 2001
  • Original source documents
  • Daily news on important updates in cases
  • Creditor Profiling
  • Distressed company alert: Catalysts for DCA monitoring
    • Audit Concern
    • Default
    • Covenant Violation
    • Low Rating
    • Debt at significant discount
    • Preferred dividend omission
    • Distressed debt exchange


The US Bankruptcy Data service is a partnership between Exchange Data International (EDI) and New Generation Research, INC.