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Prompt Delivery of Unit Trust Data Direct From Fund Management Companies

EDI’s UK Unit Trusts Service covers more than 16,000 share class funds from more than 200 fund management companies, providing users with comprehensive reference and corporate actions data.

The dedicated data team at EDI collects, analyzes, and promptly publishes the UK Unit Trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEIC) data daily, direct from the fund management companies. Working in parallel, a separate in-house team of experts liaises with the fund management companies to ensure the dividends and corporate actions data arrive promptly in EDI’s data centre.

Whether users consume the data through EDI’s SFTP data feed, API, or the cloud-based web solution, users can rest assured that EDI will do all the heavy lifting.

Corporate Actions

EDI recently enhanced its UK Corporate actions service for UK Unit Trusts and OEIC, following feedback from our clients. The service offers 11 corporate actions events and splits various income streams for funds, namely Dividend, Interest and Property Income Distribution.

Utilize EDI’s comprehensive corporate actions coverage
The risk to a financial firm missing a corporate action can run into a loss of millions of pounds, potentially lead to reputational damage and client loss. Use EDI’s comprehensive corporate action service for Unit Trusts to cover the funds you hold.

Use EDI’s standardized feeds to develop an enterprise solution
EDI’s unit trust data service provides users with crucial dividend information and corporate actions on Unit Trust/OEICs. Corporate actions are often complex, deadline-driven and vital to the front, middle and back offices in a firm. EDI’s standardized SFTP data feeds ensure firms are processing corporate actions efficiently and cascades down the organization into risk models and trading strategies.

EDI’s UK Unit Trusts service helps you calculate accurate tax liability
Investors, and representative firms, can calculate the correct tax liabilities payable based on the breakout of various income streams (Dividend, Interest and Property Income Distribution) in the EDI corporate actions feed.

Investment Fund Events


  • Conversion
  • Dividend – broken down into Dividend, Interest and Property Income Distribution.
  • Financial Year End Change
  • International Code Change
  • Issuer Name Change

  • Merger
  • Return on Capital
  • Security Reclassification
  • Security Name change
  • Security Swap
  • Takeover



Reference Data

Combine EDI’s Reference Data with EDI’s Corporate Actions service, and take advantage of EDI’s natively integrated ecosystem with comprehensive coverage of all UK Unit Trusts and OEICs from a single connection.

Pricing Data
For UK Unit Trusts NAV, see EDI’s Investment Funds NAVs.

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