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Cost Basis is the key to calculating your client’s capital gains. You can use the new Worldwide Equity Cost Basis (WCB) to track:

  • Security Evolution
  • Security Cost Basis
  • Tax Status

Worldwide Equity Cost Basis will serve as a foundation for any capital gains calculations in any jurisdiction. Without this information, any capital gains tax calculation would be inaccurate as the security could have changed since its purchase.

WCB service has been designed to track both a securities cost basis, its evolution, and all its descendants cost basis & evolution up to the current date. Many events can cause changes to the original holding, for example de-mergers and/or distributions will cause your original booking to be diversified into many other holdings.

The Worldwide Equity Cost Basis service helps you track these changes and their cost, to help you making better and informed decisions and it includes all events that affect cost basis and the number of units.

This service only covers Worldwide Equities – Fixed Income will be added later.

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