EDI Soundbites: The Rise of the Data Marketplaces with Snowflake Solutions


The Future of EDI Data in the Cloud


In this interview, Jonathan Bloch, CEO at EDI, and Youness Migou, IT Delivery Manager at EDI, join Snowflake to discuss how the company plans to utilize the Snowflake Solutions platform, and how EDI plans to expand into new markets.

EDI’s Foreign Exchange Rates dataset is already available on Snowflake’s platform, and additional dataset integrations are under development. The Foreign Exchange Rates data is gathered from a range of sources, including banks and FX dealers worldwide, providing data for 168 currencies and provides point-in-time records dating back to 2010. The dataset is also customizable to only include your selected currencies.

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The following packages are immediately available via Snowflake;

  1. Hourly Updates with 1 Year History
  2. Hourly Updates with Full History going back to 2010

Snowflake is revolutionizing the way businesses deal with data, there are unlimited opportunities for organizations. Their platform facilitates a seamless data-driven future where businesses and technology professionals are capable of accessing more than 500 live and ready-to-query datasets from more than 140 third-party data providers straight from the cloud.