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Deutsche Börse integrates reference data from EDI into its product range

Deutsche Börse integrates data from Exchange Data International into their WSS Online information system to further enhance their corporate actions data covering more than 400,000 securities worldwide.

Frankfurt, July 18th, 2006, Deutsche Börse is expanding the range of market data offered by Back Office Data & Analytics to include master data and corporate actions data for listed companies worldwide. This data covers dividend distribution, capital structure changes, exchange of shares and information relating to the annual general meeting for roughly 80,000 listed instruments from 190 markets in 110 countries. In order to provide this service, Deutsche Börse is integrating the relevant data from Exchange Data International Ltd. (EDI) into its WSS Online information system from 17 July 2006. EDI is a leading provider of high quality, accurate international securities data.

Using WSS, Deutsche Börse provides reference data covering more than 400,000 listed securities across Germany and the rest of the world. With easy-to-use search functions, users can filter results according to their own specified criteria, such as a date or securities identification number. This information is especially useful for back offices of financial institutions for the comparison of data and verifying corporate actions.

“The demand for reliable information on corporate actions, even for less established markets, continues to rise. Thus we are expanding our offer on WSS Online by reference data from EDI,” noted Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director of Deutsche Börse, Market Data & Analytics.

According to Jonathan Bloch, Managing Director of EDI: “In Deutsche Börse, we have found a global player as a partner. This cooperation will allow us to further develop our portfolio of international data within the German market.”

Currently, over 400 financial institutions worldwide use EDI data as their primary data source or to validate other data sources. The reference data is collected by EDI in most all markets independent of other providers, which makes EDI an ideal resource for verification and improving information obtained from one or more existing sources.