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EDI Allies with GlobeTax

Exchange Data International forms alliance with GlobeTax to obtain accurate tax information used in portfolio and investment planning.

London and New York, June 6th, 2005, Exchange Data International today signed a co-marketing agreement to provide withholding tax data and services to EDI’s subscriber base. The deal, which was signed in New York, allows EDI to meet market demand from researchers, brokers and custodians for accurate withholding tax information on real and expected investment income for use in portfolio planning.

Jonathan Bloch, Managing Director of EDI said: “This agreement is fundamental to our business growth strategy. GlobeTax is the world’s largest and most successful outsource tax recovery firm and we’re delighted to have such a partner. The new product will be available by subscription on the world-wide web as part of our e-Data Suite of products and will offer a sophisticated searchable matrix of over 43 million data points of withholding and treaty rate information, including every permutation type of income, beneficial owner status, residency and year of distribution”.
Mr Bloch continued “This data is of the highest quality because its not just theoretical desk research, these data sets have been used successfully to recover tax. Together with the assessment services that GlobeTax will be providing in the product and the existing demand we have from clients, we’re confident that it will be a great success.”

Martin S. Foont, President and CEO of GlobeTax said “We’re equally delighted to have become EDI’s exclusive partner for tax reclaim outsourcing. Even with our successful history, there is a great deal of unrecovered tax out there and we must take every opportunity to educate and inform both investors and intermediaries to arm them with the information they need to get the maximum return from their investments”.

Mr Foont continued “In addition to the information matrix as a research resource, the product will also include on-line services to allow investors and intermediaries to enter individual income or portfolio data and get a return analysis of how much tax they may be entitled to recover. A single click from that point engages GlobeTax on their behalf to actively recover the tax. As an ASP type solution, this effectively makes a seamless STP solution for the investment community thus avoiding the need for expensive software”.