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EDI Announces Public Holiday Web Calendar

Exchange Data International to offer a new service allowing to see public holidays of financial institutions.

London, 31st January 2001, Exchange Data International (EDI), a specialist in back office securities solutions, announced today the release of their New Public Holidays on the web.

Public Holidays

This service allows users to view holiday dates for up to 30 years into the future for financial institutions, such as Exchanges, Banks and Clearing houses in over 90 countries around the world.

Exchange Data International monitor the holiday dates in all of these countries on a daily basis. Many Countries (such as India) change their Religious Festival dates yearly, therefore it is impossible to list in advance the complete holiday schedule. Users will receive immediate updates on all new holidays that are released, automatically via e-mail.

The User can perform two types of search – Country and/or Institution Specific.

The user simply selects the date range they wish to inquire about, and Public Holidays Web service will then provide the user with a comprehensive list of all Countries or institutions that have holidays between those two dates.

The service also provides additional information relating to that Institution, including the type of holidays it observes (National or Local), it’s working structure and weekend (i.e., Open Monday-Friday, closing Saturday and Sunday), as well as default rules for holidays falling at the weekend and settlement details.