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EDI Explorer: Your April Briefing

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Welcome to our April Newsletter!

As April comes to an end, here is a recap of what has been going on at EDI this last month.

This newsletter covers exciting updates such as IPL’s latest acquisition Symbol Master Incorporated and highlighting their important service. We discuss the release of our Dividend Calendar, the tool to help you stay on track, and the EDHEC Global MBA cohort visiting our London office!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for upcoming events with our North American and UK teams, which are listed at the very end of the newsletter.

March’s Newsletter

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Symbol Master Inc.

Information Publishing Limited (IPL), has strategically acquired an 80% stake in Symbol Master Inc. (SMI), a pioneer in consistent options symbology for the financial community. This acquisition is a continuation of IPL’s history of tactical growth and a significant milestone in IPL’s mission to enhance its product offerings and expand its market presence.

Symbol Master Inc. streamlines standardized options management to enhance traders’ experience. Their solutions offer unmatched accuracy and reliability, empowering businesses to confidently handle complex data challenges. In fact, SMI has stood as the beacon of precision in Standardized Options Symbology for 50 years.

Through its cutting-edge symbology validation software and services, SMI has played a crucial role in assisting organizations with the precise management of security master and reference data.

SMI is setting new industry standards. Their unparalleled precision, innovation and tailored solutions are redefining Options Data Management. Integrating SMI’s expertise into IPL ensures that our clients continue to benefit from the highest standards of data integrity and market consistency.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of EDI, remarked, : “The acquisition of Symbol Master Inc. into the IPL family is a strategic milestone that reaffirms our dedication to innovation and leadership in the financial industry. We are eager to harness SMI’s unique capabilities and expertise to drive unparalleled value for our clients.”

George Tull, CEO of Symbol Master, also expressed enthusiasm, stating: , : “This partnership with IPL represents a transformative phase for SMI, allowing us to escalate our growth and enhance our offerings. We are thrilled to contribute to this shared vision of revolutionizing the financial data industry.”

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Dividend Calendar

EDI is excited to introduce the tool for dividend tracking and planning: the Dividend Calendar.

We understand how important it is to stay informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to dividend distributions. Our Dividend Calendar provides clients with up-to-date information on payment dates, ex-dates, and record dates for thousands of companies worldwide.

  • Comprehensive coverage: Access dividend data for thousands of companies across various industries and markets globally.
  • Customizable alerts: Stay informed with customizable email alerts for dividend announcements, ex-dividend dates, and payment dates. Set up alerts for specific companies or sectors to ensure you never miss an important event.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find the dividend information you need quickly.

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EDI welcomed EDHEC’s Global MBA Students

We had the pleasure of hosting EDHEC’s Global MBA students at our London office.

Our Chief of Staff, Corinne Johns, opened the presentation with IPL’s background, its subsidiaries, including EDI, and newest acquisitions. Corinne then discussed EDI’s newest office, which opened in February in Agadir, Morocco, and closed her presentation by explaining how EDI got to where it is today.

Our Head of Marketing, Romy Threadgold, discussed the importance of having a strong marketing strategy, along with brand consistency.

Tony McCormack, EDI’s Head of Global Funds, went into depth about the definition of a fund, discussing fund types and themes and the investment fund industry. He gave an overview of the market and its trends, and finished by discussing EDI’s Investment Funds products and services.

Last but not least, our Chief Financial Officer, Adam Harris, spoke about his background and his trajectory to becoming EDI’s CFO. He discussed the responsibilities of being a CFO, policies & procedures, and preparing accounts, consolidated accounts, and KPI’s.

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SimCorp’s 2024 Annual Global Data Summit

SimCorp’s annual Global Data Summit took place at the QE II Center in Westminster. This 3-day event was one of our April highlights.

Our representatives, Andy Sabourin and Ian Sissons hosted our booth and attended various events over the 2 ½ day summit. Andy held a talk on the different ways of receiving corporate actions data from EDI, including Feeds, web look ups, ISO15022, and proprietary & readable corporate actions.

If you were at the summit and we did not get a chance to speak, please reach out to Andy, Head of Sales at EDI, [email protected].

Partner Spotlight of the Month: Symbol Master Inc.!

We are thrilled that Symbol Master Inc (SMI) has joined IPL group and become a partner of EDI.

Symbol Master Incorporated has been an industry leader in the capital markets serving as a securities market data management and validation software services company since 1974. They offer accurate, reliable trading and symbology reference data information. SMI is committed to providing efficient arbitration and data validation management services for the standardized options industry.

SMI operates, aggregates, and validates all 17 North American options exchanges symbology details and services key Market Data Vendors and Redistrubors. Additionally, SMI serves to support some of the most sophisticated Quantitative Trading Houses and Analytic Trading Firms in the financial services industry today.

About George Tull, SMI’s CEO: George Tull is a US Army Operations and Intelligence Division Veteran and a serial entrepreneur. His entrepreneurship has been recognized by International Who’s Who for Business IT Finance.

In 27 years on Wall Street, George Tull served as Intercontinental Exchanges (ICE) North American Head of Pre/Post Sales and Technical Account Management, Director of Market Data for the American Stock Exchange, Chief Technology Officer for On Point Executions, LLC, and lead Principal Practice Consultant for the Financial Services division of EMC Consulting. He has held multiple C-Suite positions and designed and implemented Direct Market Access trading platforms “StingTM” and On Point Trader. Other notable accomplishments include serving and establishing Service Bureaus and Order Sending Organizations (OSO), which are FINRA and Regulation NMS-compliant OMS approved Products.

Let’s meet! Events in May

In May, we are attending three conferences, two in the US and the third in Ireland.

From the 14th to the 16th of May, the North American team will be at the FINRA Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

On the 23rd of May, our UK team will be attending the Annual Irish Funds Conference at the Dublin Royal Convention Center in Dublin, Ireland.

For more information about our events, please visit our events page or contact our sales team at [email protected]

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