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EDI launches Shareholders Circular service

Exchange Data International launches its new Shareholder Circular service that will significantly cut clients’ costs and save time.

London, December 14th, 2007, Exchange Data International (EDI), a specialist in the collection of Reference and Corporate Actions data announces the launch of a web service giving access to Shareholders Circulars. This is a major enhancement to its direct sourced UK Corporate Actions database (WinCAB2).

Jonathan Bloch, CEO and founder of Exchange Data International said “we have pro-actively responded to the needs of our clients by integrating Shareholder Circulars with the corporate action announcements. These circulars cover such vital information as Nominee and Overseas Restrictions and Conversion and Redemption Formulae. Clients will now save time and considerable expense in sourcing the underlying data. EDI has established direct links with issuer companies to ensure we receive these documents on a timely basis.”

In addition to this easy and timely access to Shareholder Circulars, EDI’s UK Corporate Actions service now includes the Adjustment Factors directly linked to the relevant corporate action.