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EDI Launches Worldwide Corporate Actions

Exchange Data International launch a new service – Worldwide Corporate Actions.

London, April 29th, 2002, Exchange Data International (EDI) is pleased to announce their latest product – Worldwide Corporate Actions. This exciting new development positions EDI as a full data service provider.

Developed through close liaison with its current customer base, Worldwide Corporate Actions is designed to take account of 45 crucial events on a daily basis, which are collated through EDI’s extensive links with over 120 local exchanges. Unrivalled sources of information are verified and collated into a single delivery stream, which can be delivered directly to the back or front office staff, ensuring straight through processing of quality, relevant data for settlements or research, as well as crucial market movements. Typical information includes: AGMs, liquidations, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions.

Delivery can be as simple or as detailed as clients require. Data goes directly to the desktop either via the web or as a direct feed into an internal database or system.

As a result of extensive analysis of competitive products EDI have recognised the limitations and additional costs associated with integrating products that require heavy IT intervention. EDI therefore use a simple password feature to ensure that data can be accessed at any Internet portal. An additional feature of this type of delivery is the ability to hot desk if required.

Jonathan Bloch Managing Director of EDI states: “This is a marketplace that has become dominated by two major players. The launch of Worldwide Corporate Actions means better choice and more data from a proven supplier. The customer can only benefit from such an opportunity.”
Key features include:

  • Portfolio Import Facility – A service that allows the user to load a portfolio of stocks into the service and then receive a detailed report based on the securities held within the portfolio.
  • Key search facilities – Typically these could be: Security search, Issuer search
  • Event Calendar – Date range searches on selected events
  • Event Announcement – A listing of events over a given date range.

With the addition of Worldwide Corporate Actions EDI is able to offer complete tailored solutions to meet any firms market data requirements

Trialing now with several major institutions, Worldwide Corporate Actions is available now for customer evaluation and will be fully available in the next few weeks.