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EDI’s Quarter 1 Newsletter

We have had a busy start to 2019! In January, we launched a new product for our clients and in the past three months we have attended eight industry events around the world.

New Product – US Mutual Funds

In January we launched a US Mutual Funds product to provide clients the highest quality comprehensive reference data, corporate actions and dividends data delivered together with a daily pricing feed.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of Exchange Data International, says:

“With the launch of the US Mutual Funds service, EDI has enhanced its asset coverage and can now provide up-to-date information on US Mutual Funds Reference Data, Corporate Actions and Dividends. With 25 year’s market data experience, and comprehensive databases, EDI is pleased to provide the financial community with quality, reliable data solutions. Our goal is to cover all asset classes”

Product Highlight – Worldwide Evaluated Pricing

Our Worldwide Evaluated Bonds Pricing Service was launched in October 2018 and it has since expanded to include 2.5 million global fixed income securities. This allows our clients access to a daily source of independent prices for valuations, portfolio analytics, best execution reporting, and risk management calculations.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of Exchange Data International, says:

“We are delighted to be able to offer our clients increased coverage over a wider variety of markets and financial instruments. Thus far, we have had a positive response from the market and several clients are now signed on for this coverage”

As with many EDI products there are fewer restrictions on data redistribution while the product is also competitively priced. Clients will not be required to expunge the data should they decide to cancel, breaking with traditional data providers who often place egregious restrictions on use, redistribution and insist on the expungement of data upon termination. In other words you are buying the data and not renting it.

Happy International Women’s Day!

We also celebrated International Woman’s Day honouring the many women in our work space and hoping that they will make further advances in the economy including at EDI.

Events attended so far

Our Global sales team have attended eight events in the first quarter, such as Data Management Summit held in London and BattleFin in Miami. We have networked and heard insightful discussions from the top professionals in the financial industry. Looking forward to more exciting events!

Take a look at our calendar to find out where you will see EDI next