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EDI Supplements Its Worldwide Shares Outstanding Offering With A New Feed Of Adjusted Figures

Exchange Data International (EDI) has developed a new feed of Adjusted Shares Outstanding which provides firms with up-to-date accurate figures based on the most recent corporate actions.

London, November 14th 2011 – Exchange Data International (EDI), a well-established provider of Security Reference and Corporate Actions data, today announced the release of its new feed of adjusted shares outstanding figures.

The Adjusted Shares Outstanding feed provides firms with the latest figures enabling them to accurately calculate key metrics such as market capitalization, earnings per share and share stakes.

Jonathan Bloch, CEO of EDI says, “We found it incredible that clients still had to rely on official updates to get latest shares outstanding figures knowing that their frequency may vary from daily to yearly and yet major events affecting these figures happen in between. As we have been providing worldwide shares outstanding and corporate actions data for sometime now, it seemed natural to develop a product that addresses this issue.”

After an event such as a demerger, sub-division or capital reduction, EDI will adjust the shares outstanding figures and then will revert to the official figures when they are published.
This daily feed fully complements EDI Worldwide Shares Outstanding service which covers all the major listed securities from 100 countries worldwide.