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EDI Takes Out a Warrant

EDI adds warrants data to its worldwide corporate actions service.

London, February 24th, 2003, Exchange Data International (EDI) launched its new warrant module last week as part of its global corporate action and information suite of products. The new service provides warrants pricing services is being used on a trial basis by five customers, says Jonathan Bloch, managing director of EDI.

The warrant module is priced at $10,000 per year per site, and is available separately from the $102,000 global corporate action and dividend feed. The data is drawn from the roughly 300 sources, including stock exchanges, data providers and newspapers that EDI uses for its global feed.

With the warrant service off the ground, EDI has already started on its next launch, a fixed income data service that is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2004.

Bloch says the new service will provide data on government and corporate bonds outside of North America. EDI will seek to partner with other companies to cover North America

He says the service will not be released until next year because of the vast quantity of information concerning bonds that needs to be collected.

“There are hundreds of thousands of’ more bonds than warrants,” says Bloch “There also isn’t consolidated information for bonds as most are unlisted. And because of that there is a strong demand for us to supplement equity with fixed income.”