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EDI to Market Worldwide Dividends on the Internet

Exchange Data International announced their Worldwide Dividends Service will be customisable and available on the Internet.

London, 8th September, 2000, Exchange Data International (EDI), a specialist in back office securities solutions, is to launch its latest web-based product innovation: Worldwide Dividends.

The Worldwide Dividend feed, developed by EDI’s in-house team, allows securities administrators to have easy access to a comprehensive list of dividend information, including Ex, Record and Pay-dates, Dividend Amount and Gross and Net Tax Rates. With the data being sourced directly from over 100 exchanges, EDI’s new service aims to provide accurate and timely global dividend data.

EDI recognize that not all securities firms require Dividend information on such a global level. EDI can now offer a Portfolio Import Facility, which allows the user to load a Portfolio into the service via Sedol™, ISIN or Local code, and have a detailed Dividend report produced based upon those securities held within the portfolio.

With the introduction of (E-mail Notification),the end user will automatically be alerted to new dividends announced for their portfolio by receiving an e-mail in their in-box.
Other benefits of the web-based service include:

  • No data downloads
  • Calendar searches for Ex, Record and Pay Dates
  • New Dividend Announcements for both Cash and Stock Options
  • Multiple search options (Sedol™, ISIN, Local Code, Issuer Name etc)

Advanced searches include EDI’s unique Global Issuer Code. Many Issuers have securities listed on multiple exchanges, the majority under slightly different spellings, and the ability to match an Issuer to its globally recognized name has become vital in order to obtain the complete list of securities that the Issuer has issued.
Additionally, EDI have added a Withholding Tax Module covering withholding tax and double taxation treaties for all countries. This comprehensive service will enable investment professionals to efficiently calculate taxation levels and reclaim amounts on their holdings.

Worldwide Dividends will help centralize a firm’s Dividend Operations, while reducing risk and saving both time and money. The data will also be made available as a data feed, to enable firms to populate mainframe systems and in-house security portfolios.