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EDI tracked over 5 Million Corporate Actions in 2009

In 2009, Exchange Data International (EDI) has celebrated its 15th year of providing data, doubled its effort in providing coverage on Emerging and Frontier Markets and provided 5 Million Corporate Actions.

London, February 11th, 2010, Exchange Data International (EDI), a well-known provider of Corporate Actions & Reference data, announced today that its corporate actions data team had created over 5 Million corporate actions records in 2009 which is an astonishing volume of 20,800 records a day.

EDI has been providing global corporate actions on equities through its Worldwide Corporate Actions for the past 7 years. Since 2009 EDI has also provided comprehensive information on corporate actions affecting debt securities around the globe via its Worldwide Fixed Income services.

In 2009, 11.9% of the events tracked by these services were new listings of financial securities. EDI’s master database currently contains over 885,000 of international securities and provides detailed information on over 75 corporate actions event types affecting these securities. In the last two years,

EDI has more than doubled the volume of corporate actions covered by its Corporate Actions suite; perfect illustration of its commitment in always expanding its coverage whether it be in terms of instruments, events or countries.

“EDI is a medium-sized company with the advantages of being flexible and easily approachable. We always take clients, prospects and partners’ comments into account in our development strategy.”, says Jonathan Bloch, C.E.O.

“Over the past 5 years we have undertaken research at client’s request on specific area of the business and have doubled our efforts in finding reliable sources for Emerging and Frontier Markets.”, he added.

Last year, the Fixed Income data team has focused on the Far East debt markets and enhanced the service coverage by adding Korea & Vietnam to the list of countries covered.
As for the Worldwide Corporate Actions service, its coverage has been enhanced with the addition of Middle Eastern exchanges – The Libyan Stock Market, Iraq Stock Exchange & Damascus Securities Exchange.

EDI has also expanded its network of translators with Korean, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish speakers enabling the company to tackle markets where language is an obstacle to gathering timely data.

In 2010, EDI is looking at strengthening its excellent coverage of global corporate actions by working even closer with providers, clients & other markets participants with an emphasis on African & other frontier markets.