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Emerging Markets investments – keep track of the changes affecting your portfolio

Exchange Data International strengthens its coverage of Emerging and Frontier Markets.

London, Septembre 17th 2010, Ten years ago investing in Emerging Markets was considered very risky but today it is seen as critical to obtaining positive investment returns. Compared to other investments, emerging markets equities have the potential to provide more attractive returns and a better risk/reward ratio. Investing into this sector can help diversify risk and strengthen your overall portfolio return.

However, emerging market securities still represent a certain risk – lack of transparency, lack of liquidity and social & political issues – so tracking corporate actions is crucial when investing into this sector.

Exchange Data International (EDI) specialises in the procurement, processing and delivery of Reference~ and Corporate Actions Data from all countries. EDI offers a suite of deep and rich data sets focusing on Emerging & Frontier markets securities data that enable financial institutions to track, analyze and action complex event changes on a daily basis.

EDI is the prime source for Emerging & Frontier Markets Corporate Actions, Pricing & Reference Data. We distance ourselves from our competitors with our excellent coverage of smaller exchanges from Emerging and Frontier countries and our ability to add new markets in a very short space of time.

In regards to Emerging & Frontier markets, we can currently provide information on both equities and fixed income:

23 countries
4,796 securities
America & the Caribbean
22 countries
28,234 securities
18 countries
73,102 securities
Eastern & Central Europe
20 countries
15,810 securities
Middle East
13 countries
4,523 securities

We have recently added the Dominican Republic, Fiji, Iraq & Ste. Kitts and Nevis to our End-of-Day pricing service and we will happily undertake research on specific markets under a client’s brief.

EDI offers the most effective and efficient solutions tailored to meet your specific needs whether it is in terms of geographical coverage or event types.