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Exchange Data International Enhances its Fixed Income ISO 15022 Corporate Actions service.

EDI complements its ISO 15022 Corporate Actions offering with additional Fixed Income events and MT568 extended text.


London, November 24th 2015 – Exchange Data International (EDI), a provider of global security corporate actions, pricing and reference data, today announced the full implementation of ISO 15022 messages for its Worldwide Fixed Income offering.

The EDI service provides a comprehensive overview of the global fixed income market. It covers new corporate, government bond and government agency issues from 150 countries, as well as changes to their terms and conditions.

The newly released ISO feed is available on its own or integrated with EDI’s existing Equity SWIFT ISO 15022 offering. It covers all messages, including cash flows, partial and full redemptions and conversions. It also captures defaults and bankruptcies.

Kevin Brady, EDI’s Executive Director, says: “EDI is committed to provide solutions that enable clients to optimize operational efficiency. All our ISO 15022 feeds offer the potential for increased Corporate Actions Straight-Through Processing (STP) and minimise risk.”

EDI continuously monitors changes made to the ISO 15022 standard. Its feeds are currently ISO 2014 compliant, and the firm is currently working on the next release.

For more information on EDI’s ISO 15022 offering, please contact EDI at [email protected]