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Exchange Data International Improves its Worldwide Adjustment Factor Service – New Version Available Now

Exchange Data International (EDI), a provider of global security corporate actions, reference data and end-of-day pricing, are pleased to announce today the new Version.2 of its Worldwide Adjustment Factor feed service.

London, 29 November 2016 – EDI’s Worldwide Adjustment Factor service allow its clients to compare a stock’s performance with adjusted pricing data, which considers distributions and corporate actions. Clients can compare historical pricing data with current prices and conduct detailed analysis with either EDI’s adjusted closing prices or adjustment factors data feeds. Now clients can benefit even more from the new additions to the updated adjustment factor feed.

The new Version.2 will include the following three major additions:


  • Inclusion of FIGI codes. FIGI codes have been added which allow clients to crosscheck data sets.
  • The fields that were sub-fields in the Detail field of the previous version now have their own fields. For example, DivType was in the Detail field (event description) as DIVPERIOD= This will allow for easier integration of the data.
  • The Reason codes are different, expanded to 3 characters enabling higher level groupings of reasons. For example, all dividend reasons begin with “01”, with the 3rd character depending on whether it is cash, script or both. This allows greater granularity when deciding to apply or not.



Jonathan Bloch, CEO of Exchange Data International commented “EDI is constantly enhancing its existing product set to add data and features requested by our clients. Version.2 of the adjustment factor feed makes improvements requested by our users”.

About Exchange Data International:

Exchange Data International helps the global financial and investment community make informed decisions through the provision of fast, accurate, timely and affordable data reference services. EDI’s extensive content database includes worldwide equity and fixed income corporate actions, dividends, static reference data, closing prices and shares outstanding, delivered via data feeds and the Internet. The firm covers all major markets with special emphasis on emerging and frontier markets e.g. Africa, Asia, Far East, Latin America and Middle East. EDI is based in London, with offices in New York, India and Morocco. For more information about EDI, please visit http://www.exchange-data.com.