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Exchange Data International Launches a New Fixed Income Corporate Actions Feed

London, 16 February, 2016 – Exchange Data International (EDI), a provider of global security corporate actions, pricing and reference data, announced today the release of a new version of its Worldwide Fixed Income feed.

EDI’s Worldwide Fixed Income service provides a comprehensive overview of the global fixed income market. It covers new corporate, government and agency bond issuance from 150 countries, as well as changes to their terms and conditions.

The new Fixed Income Corporate Actions feed focuses on providing detailed and timely information on current events such as Interest Payments, Conversion, Bankruptcy, Securities in Default. The feed comprehensively covers full and partial redemptions whether they be Repurchases, Tender Offers, Dutch Auctions…

“Historically corporate actions have only been associated with equities yet every year there are thousands of changes affecting debt securities. The EDI Fixed Income Corporate Actions Feed fills this void. This feed is available separately from EDI’s Fixed Income Terms & Conditions.”, says Jonathan Bloch, Chief Executive Officer at EDI.

The Fixed Income Corporate Actions feed is available in both proprietary format and ISO 15022 MT564&568 standards. The ISO 2015 compliant file is fully compatible with EDI’s signature equity corporate actions service.

For more information on EDI’s Fixed Income Corporate Actions feed, please contact EDI at info@exchange-data.com