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Exchange Data International launches US Mutual Funds service

London, 16 January 2019 – Exchange Data International has officially announced the launch of its
US Mutual Funds service which provides clients the highest quality reference data, comprehensive corporate actions and dividends data plus a daily pricing feed.

With this exciting new addition of the US Mutual Funds products, clients will be able to access dynamically updated, maintained and detailed information on over 29,000+ Mutual Funds, 18,000 Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) and 134 Interval Funds.

Furthermore, clients will be able to take advantage of the full range of US Mutual Funds Net Asset Values (NAVs) data as soon as it becomes available. Our end of day pricing data will allow you to:

Access closing pricing data for US Mutual Funds and Unit Investment (UITs).
Easily identify US funds through static data elements taken from the Security
Reference File

“With the launch of the US Mutual funds service, EDI has enhanced its asset coverage and can now provide up-to-date information on US Mutual Funds Reference Data, Corporate Actions and Dividends. With 25 years’ market data experience, and comprehensive databases, EDI is pleased to provide the financial community with quality, reliable data solutions. Our goal is to cover all asset classes.” said Jonathan Bloch, CEO of Exchange Data International.

To learn more, about their US Mutual Funds products and the full range of data assets provided, visit our website. EDI products, services and complimentary trials can be found at https://www.exchange-data.com/free-trial.php

About Exchange Data International Exchange Data International (EDI) helps the global financial and investment community make informed decisions through the provision of fast, accurate timely and affordable data reference services. EDI’s extensive content database includes worldwide equity and fixed income corporate actions, dividends, static reference data, closing prices and shares outstanding, delivered via data feeds and the internet. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, EDI has staff in Canada, India, Morocco, South Africa and the United States. For more information about EDI visit www.exchange-data.com.

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